Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spirit Mask Series I

And now for, yet another, new series of illustrations... yay!

Finally... I'm so happy to bring you the early stages for this new set of drawings, because they've been long overdue... as well as the other projects I've got lined up on my shelf. But anywho, these illustrations were a nice little poetic surprise and I hope something good comes of their unexpected existence.

I may or may not show them individually through the gallery circuit... I may or may not assemble them into a book... My intention is to show a large body of them at a single time at some point and I may or may not post a few more for the "Power in Numbers" project with Gallery Nucleus -so the plans for this work thus far are pretty loose...

In the meantime
 (before I figure out how to purvey these little spirit masks to the general public)
you can, at the very least, enjoy their progress...

Thanks for checking in,
and take care until next time...


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