Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Sneak Peaks and Apologies! : Part III

Here's the third installment to my "Sneak Peaks and Apologies" blog series... hopefully this won't become a habit! Thanks again for all your love and patience,
I appreciate it more than anything!

But now that we're somewhat caught up on the apprenticeship and I've broken the news about the new book coming out in 2013- now I'd like to introduce you to some sneak peaks for a couple of personal projects that have been brewing on the back burner since this year's Comic Con.

Once again, I was really honored to be a part of the non-profit project "Power in Numbers" with Gallery Nucleus and I've decided to continue the "Spirt Mask" series that debuted in their online store/gallery. Initially, the "Spirit Mask" series was something I kept tucked away in my new sketchbook, but this venue seemed like the perfect opportunity to expose the idea. The first piece, "Incandescent Eyelids", has already sold and I intend to finish at least nine more pieces for the "Spirit Mask" series with the intent to continue producing images if I'm still interested in the series by the time this first set of nine is done.

Here are some sneak peaks of my sketches...

If I like this series enough, then I may even assemble the images into a small book, providing I finish enough pieces... but we'll see... most of this is just wishful thinking at the moment- so stay posted for more updates, sneak peaks, sketches and polished images!

Thanks for checking in and take care until next time!

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