Tuesday, December 27, 2011

111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress II

Almost all of my artistic efforts during the month of December have been devoted to accomplishing a cohesive body of work for the Harum Scarum show at 111 Minna Gallery- set to open February 2, 2012. This year was filled with some unexpected turns, and I find myself once again living at home with my family. Their love and support has given me the strength to move forward as well as the ability to focus my self and my energy towards the development of this new series.
In the time it takes to create this art, I hope to capture a small glint of the emotional range which has consumed the better part of my thoughts as I process the culmination of my experiences over 2010 and 2011. I'm grateful for this time and the luxury to entertain such whims and in a perfect world I suppose we would all have some such means to understand the why's and how's of the way things unfold in our lives.

Overall, I'm proud of the decisions I've made and thankful for the people who have come in and out of my life. Their influences will continue unfolding in ways which may or may not make sense at the present moment or in my immediate future- but, at the very least, as this new work nears its completion I will personally savor the irony of this show's theme and its uncanny title which perfectly defines the last two years of my life.


Thanks, once again, for checking in and maybe we'll meet for the first time at this show's opening night.

Take care until then...

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