Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monkey King Commission

San Diego's Comic Con 2011 was a great success. I met a lot of wonderful people and received a lot of interesting commissions. One of which afforded me the opportunity to interpret a mythological Chinese Deity, the Monkey King. With the help of a friend, well versed in the art of Kung Fu, I was able to pull together an authentic re-creation of this character, posed in what is traditionally known as "monkey style" Kung Fu. I had a lot of fun researching and executing this final piece.

"A-mazing. Katherine, Katherine, Katherine... I wish i could put into words how this looks... So i guess i'll try... When i look at your work, it's as if i cannot blink. Your technique is flawless -in my eyes. It's very similar to stained glass. Each segmented piece has a life/world of it's own. So from a far the Monkey King looks like a kingdom, comprised of all your best and latest techniques. I thoroughly enjoy it. And will continue to enjoy it. I look forward to seeing more of your successes!"
"Arigato Gozaimasu Katherine-Sama"
 -Ryan Loewinsohn
Thanks for the kind words and the commission Ryan, I hope to see you again at next year's Comic Con!

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