Tuesday, December 20, 2011

111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress I

I'm really excited about this new series of work intended for 111 Minna's "Harum Scarum" Show. Here are some examples of the art in progress. Hopefully I can make my way up to San Francisco for the opening night- it would be an awesome excuse for a road trip and a great opportunity to visit some friends along the coast.

This new work will slowly incorporate color as a thematic element, rather than a decorative component, with the intention of gradually developing watercolor media into a more dominant presence in my work. I'm still very intimidated by watercolor painting, but I'm betting that my love and fascination for the medium will eventually overpower my fears.

Baby steps...

I'll continue to post the progress of this new series as soon as I have more photos documenting my work. Thanks for checking in and maybe we'll meet at this opening event!

Take care until then...