Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego Comic Con International 2012 : Exhibitor Table J-06

Comic Con's "Preview Night" opens tomorrow from 6 PM - 9 PM and I hope you all managed to finagle a ticket... the more dubious means of attainment, the better... or at least that's my personal motto when it comes to planting yourself among comic mayhem in tightly confined spaces. The board swears they're within Fire Marshal regulation... but we'll just see about that this year...  
fingers and toes crossed...

Anyways, this year proves to be a hallmark indeed,
because now I officially have my own table
among the other exhibitors at Comic Con!

"My New Home"
is exhibitor table:

Here's a map: I'm on the right hand side of the convention floor
in the center of the big red circles under the tiny "x" so please visit me...

Unfortunately I will miss my good friend Randy Christopher (genius mastermind behind the increasingly popular "Bear & Fox" as well as "Kleeman & Mike" comic books). He will be in the same place, table F-11, so let's all pay him a visit and make sure he knows how much we love him and his work. He's got a new cartoon debuting this year, and word on the street is that it should be pretty epic!

In addition to Randy's awesomeness, I will have a new comic debuting at the Con this year entitled For all the Pretty Birds. It's a sneak peak/prelude to a story about mass extinction, existential anonymity, the pains of being pure at heart and some sexy bird speak... tweet tweet. My table will also feature lots and lots of original, framed art for sale, prints, t-shirts, stationary and relationship advice...

So please come get some, because I'm sure you need all of these things...

Thanks for checking in 
and maybe we'll meet for the first time 
at San Diego Comic Con International! 

Please, take care until then...


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