Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flying Panther Tattoo & Gallery : 6th Anniversary Party!

Flying Panther Tattoo & Gallery is proud to proclaim its sixth year in business via delicious food and drink as well as incredible art and music. So mark your calendar on Saturday, May 5th from 8 PM to Midnight and prepare to have your mind blown by the artistic stylings of Micah Caudle, DominĂ­que Vasquez, Ben Grillo, Nico, Lord Mykil Zep, Rob Benavides and more! I will also have at least one piece in the show... probly tucked away in a dusty corner where it belongs...

But... irregardless!!!

Just swing by so you can feel 
like a fancy gentleman or gentlelady 
among these very cool cats.

Here are some snaps of my work in progress... hope you like...

Oh yeah, a couple of fancy close ups...
cause everyone knows how I like to get up close and personal
with my macro photography... whatever.

Like I was sayin... only the cool cats will be there...

Just look at Zozo, 
ready to fuckin rock 
his kitty socks off. 

Thanks for checkin in... and maybe we'll meet for the first time 
at this once in a lifetime, super-secret, prestigious event... 

Take care until then...

(PS: irregardless is totally not a word.. so don't even try it).

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