Friday, June 22, 2012

Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Show : Work in Progress I

Hey everyone, hope you did something fun yesterday for the first day of summer! I (on the other hand) have been trying to do everything that's humanly possible to stay on top of my assignments for the tattoo apprenticeship as well as meet my deadlines for a number of shows that are coming up in the month of July... which is a most excellent way for me to spend my summer afternoon...

First off, we have an incredible show curated by Mr. Mark Murphy commemorating Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary. Mark has assembled some of the most impressive talents from across the US and overseas, to create artwork in honor of the different cartoons that play on Cartoon Network. He also intends to open the show at this year's San Diego Comic Con International, along with a small booklet which will feature the artworks made by the participating artists.


Please enjoy the following preview of my work in progress for Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary Show...

Mark assigned each artist a different cartoon that would tastefully compliment their style of artistic expression. My assignment was the cartoon "Generator Rex" which afforded me a long list of creative characters to choose from... I had a bit of a tough time deciding on just one, but eventually went with a female character by the name of "Breach". 

I really liked her button down collared shirt, red skirt, and baby doll shoes... It almost reminded me of something I would wear to school as a kid. I also liked how angsty she was in the series... the angry, misunderstood girl that opens alternate dimensions to escape through... I almost felt like I could identify with her on a lot of levels.

Hopefully I can do justice to her image.

Thanks for checking in... 
and maybe we'll meet for the first time 
at San Diego's Comic Con 2012!

Take care until then...