Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thinkspace Gallery : Wild at Heart : Work in Progress III

Here are the final photos of "Spring's Signal" (my art piece) debuting at Thinkspace Gallery for their "Wild at Heart" show scheduled to open Saturday, May 26th from 5PM to 8PM. Please forgive me, but if you make it to the show, there may be some of Zozo's cat hair framed along with the picture...he likes to help me with all of my projects... But other than some animal fur (accompanying an illustration destined for an endangered species benefit), I've found that this piece definitely turns a corner for some new layout formats and what not. I have a feeling that most of my work from here on out, will include a riddle or poem of sorts to somewhat explain the piece. So please, enjoy my new attempts to make light of the strange whimsy that permeates my work.

The following images show my finished piece 
for the "Wild at Heart" show.

Title: "Spring's Signal"

Size: 20" x 28"

Medium: Ballpoint Pen,
Shellac Ink, Walnut Ink Stain
Gold Ink and Colored Pencil

 Thanks for checking in... and maybe we'll meet for the first time at the opening of Thinkspace Gallery's "Wild at Heart" show... so please, take care until then...


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