Friday, March 9, 2012

Tim Shelton : Everything Went Black : Work in Progress II

I don't think the development of this piece could have been any more ironic. Turns out I didn't budget enough time to finish the original drawing for Tim Shelton's "Everything Went Black" show. So at the last minute I decided to draw something up on the fly- 200 dollars later, we have an overnight delivery slated to arrive one day before the show opening... genius. Hopefully I don't piss too many people off as a result of this debacle. But either way you can still enjoy the fruits of my last minute labor via this blog or my Facebook page.

"At last! I am one with 
the greatest philosopher poet 
of our modern world!"

Title: "LOL, Henry Rollins!"

Size: 10"x16"

Medium: Black Ballpoint Pen, Blue Colored Pencil,
Shellac Ink and Gold Ink on top of a Walnut Ink Stain.


The show opens this Saturday, March 10th at The Pretty Pretty Collective located in San Francisco's Mission District. I would give just about anything to be there and mingle among some of Tim's hand picked artists. Once again, I am greatly humbled and honored to be part of such an amazing event with so many incredibly talented people.

If I get invited back next year, maybe then I can attempt to finish what I had originally set out to accomplish- it's my own fault for going overboard once again. And so, it seems as if my experiment has proven that I am still not mature enough to handle overly ambitious projects... dammit.

Thanks for checking in, I'm sure I'll figure it out one of these days... 
but until then, take care.

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