Tuesday, January 31, 2012

111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress IV

I'm wrapping up the last Harum Scarum blog post in San Francisco, gratefully absorbing some of the urban atmosphere I've missed while living in San Diego. It's been a while since I've visited Northern California and within the first few hours of arriving I was graced with some serendipitous encounters from acquaintances long past and almost forgotten. The universe seems to have a funny way of putting its last two cents in on matters we try to sweep under the rug... maybe that's its a way of telling us there will be a time and a place to eventually let it all go.

I started this new series in December, originally guaranteeing Micah Lebran at least six pieces for the show with an honest attempt at completing ten for the February opening. I was able to finish seven, leaving three pieces in various stages of completion. Upon my arrival at 111 Minna, Brad and Micah provided me with a warm welcome, genuine enthusiasm for the new work, and the prospect of placing the final three of the series in their May art fair. From now until then I will make an earnest attempt at finalizing this series, along with drumming up some new works for the other shows I'm scheduled for this year.

The entire series for Harum Scarum
follows the same formatting  as well as execution
in every individual piece.
Their titles appear beneath each photo.

Size: 14" x 24"

Medium: Ballpoint Pen
Shellac Ink and Gold Ink
with a Walnut Ink Stain

If you are interested in purchasing a piece
visit 111 Minna Gallery's shop.

Summer's Slight (Sold)
Sublimate Escape
Fear Filter (Sold)
Winter's Warrant
Crucible Cradle
Essence Ignition
Infinity's Dragon Bokeh, Sits on the Earth Spirit (Sold)

 Thanks for checking in and maybe we'll meet for the first time at this opening. 

Take care until then...

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