Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Sketchbooks Volume One : My First Art Book! I

During September 2012's "Sneak Peaks and Apologies!" post series, I briefed everyone about my upcoming art book project slated to debut at San Diego Comic Con International 2013. This new series of posts, "The Sketchbooks Volume One : My First Art Book!", will not only recap how the plan came into fruition, but it will additionally spill some details and quick design peaks for the book. 

During San Diego Comic Con International 2012 I was approached by Mr. Alberto Ruiz (owner and distributor of Trinquette Publishing, Brandstudio Press, and Eupy Ediciones), who asked me to be a part of his publishing company. I was initially impressed by his unique business model which protected the creative and financial freedoms of independent, self-sustaining artists. His offer to all speculative artists were one of two enticing options; the first choice was for his company to publish a small run of books for the artist in question, while the second choice afforded the artist an opportunity to self publish through him and his label.

For the first round of publishing, I decided to grant Alberto the ability to publish my first run of books, so in the event that this venture becomes a success, I will hopefully generate the capital needed to oversee and execute the self-publishing of my personal projects- through his company, of course...

Alberto's progressive vision to give artists more control over publishing rights, distribution, and design is a comforting thought, especially when most artists are bombarded with exclusivity contracts, or miserable percentages when licensing work to a company bent on squeezing every last lucrative creative thought out of hard working individuals- who, more often than not, pour their heart and souls into their art.

I can't thank him enough for this opportunity, which not only affords me the chance to be a part of a publishing label, but dually protects me and my rights as an artist... This just means that yet another one of my childhood dreams is lovingly checked off the bucket list... rad.

Thanks Alberto.

And for all you eager beavers out there, here's a sneak peak at the cover and back cover. Please keep in mind, that the image below is the printing proof; the front of the book is featured on the right side of the image, while the back of the book is featured on the left side of the image, then down the center of this image is where the book would face you if tucked away on your bookshelf... hint hint... wink.

The image below is a sample of two pages combined to create a spread. This will be the first set of images you see after the title page.

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