Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tattoo Apprenticeship : Sketches VII

This is what happens when my brain has just about had it with everything that's going on at work, home and my personal life... Cooper is outrageously patient and he understands that sometimes you can push the brain and the body a bit too far... so he gives me a little leeway now and again to indulge in my more idiotic pursuits... so long as I get the rest of my work done.

Please enjoy some necessary "brain drains" from my sketchbook... and don't be afraid to indulge your own tantrums -when no one is looking. The holiday season is approaching fast, so take a minute for yourself and use all that nasty anxiety in a constructive way... or deconstructive way... 
whatever works best for you. 

Thanks for checking in
and take care until next time!



  1. Hello,
    I love all these amazing creatures.
    Really wonderfull work.
    Bravo <3

  2. "riding a DMT wave of realization"