Friday, October 9, 2015

Oceanside Museum of Art : Baby Tattoo : Carnival of Astounding Art

Resuming with last week's Blog Post theme; Yours Truly intends to continue her recap of the best and brightest accomplishments of 2015 -so prepare yourselves for another personal milestone, lovingly expressed to the masses in the humblest of literary fashions.

Shortly after the close of San Diego's Annual International Irreverence Fest, another deviant display seductively slapped the traditional white walls of Oceanside's Museum of Art. An unprecedented exposition of color, kink, and sideshow madness made its way into (yet another) conservative corner of San Diego County. Thanks to the ever expanding vision of OMA's Director of Events and Community Management, Mitzi Summers, a path was created to accommodate Bob Self's visionary circus stagecoach, equipped with all the bells & whistles of his signature events.  

Bob's reputation for facilitating phenomena composed of surrealist circumstances, happens to be one small drop in his benevolent bucket, ceaselessly contributing to the contemporary arts community. Whether he's donning the spotlight regalia of Dr. Sketchy or humbly helping behind the scenes of a curated art show, Bob's principle passion lies in his appreciation for maverick individuals who uphold the revolutionary, as well as rebellious spirit of Lowbrow, Alternative and Outsider Art. 

The "Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art" Exhibition not only encompasses an impressive retrospective of Bob's Self's influence upon the arts community via his publishing company, Baby Tattoo Books, it additionally covers his noted public displays of affection via journalism, happenings or other curated events outside of his publishing projects.

The Exhibition Reception was a tremendous success. Bob's indefatigable attention to detail went so far as to fetch permission from the City to place promotional banners on the Oceanside light posts, and much of the OMA staff worked around the clock transforming their exhibit space into a sexy, storybook Big Top. Yours Truly even had the unexpected privilege of DJing the opening night for attendees. Everyone shmoozed to the tune of T-Rex's "Electric Warrior" ablum, followed up by Mulatu Astatke's "New York-Addis-London" album. It was a night to remember, but my proudest moment that evening was finally seeing one of my Bic Ballpoint Pen Illustrations hanging on the wall of a Museum.

It has always been an honor to work with Bob Self, and he is one of the few individuals that has witnessed, as well as encouraged, my development as an artist. Beginning with a chance encounter at The San Diego Comic Con International, Bob and I built a rapport which led to an interview for The UK's Bizarre Magazine. At that time, I could not foresee this event leading to my participation in a museum show among talented celebrity artists (many of which I've idolized since childhood), but looking back on my interactions with Bob, I now realize that his determination to expose hidden beauty is nothing short of astounding.

 "The Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art" certainly marks another major milestone in my journey as an ever-emerging, ever-evolving visual artist. I would undoubtedly credit Bob with triggering my slow progression out of a timid shell, and onto a vessel that could navigate the uncharted corners of my subconscious. The road less traveled in any discipline is always littered with obstacles to incite fear in the hearts of those who wish to one day manifest their dreams on a stabler plain.  

Hold fast to those that lend a hand during moments of insufferable confusion -there is no shame in accepting help, nor is there shame in asking for it. And if I've learned anything in my many hours of silent sketching, it's that you must never ever give up on your self.

Thank you for joining me this week,
and take care until next time.


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