Friday, February 15, 2013

Parachute Factory Show : Downtown San Diego

Brought to you by Yeller,
in conjunction with Sezio.

This abandoned building, located at 627 8th Ave, will display never before seen graffiti art, created specifically for this one time event! There's a $5 cover, but that gets you into the show, access to three floors of incredible artwork, a dj, a band- and drinks will be served throughout the evening.

So don't miss your only chance to see an event showcasing some of the most amazing street art Southern California has to offer- because shorty after the opening night all of the artwork will be demolished by the owners of the building...

So don't blow this opportunity.

But just in case there's no way you can make it, here are some sneak peaks of my room, taken by Chaz Cruz, before the commencement of this unbelievable show. You can follow Chaz and his amazing photography via these convenient social media sites... 

Thanks again Chaz!

And before I wrap up this post, I would like to thank my extremely talented friend, Florence Pacho, for her incredible hair and make-up skills! You can check her out at her personal studio, Pikku Salon located in Golden Hill... She is one of San Diego's best kept secrets!

Thanks again Flo!

Thanks for checking in,
and take care until next time...


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